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Klubschau 2018

Samstag, 12. Mai 2018, ab 13:30 Uhr
im Rahmen der IHA Wieselburg Messegelände

Doppelausstellung  2x CAC, 1x CACIB, an einem Wochenende
Samstag: ZLHCA-Klubsiegerschau mit CACA Mag. Gerhard Pöllinger, A
Sonntag CACIB - Richterin: Uschi Eisner, A
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The country of origin of Griffons is Belgium. Already in the 18th Century there were small rough-haired dogs (griffon = rough haired) used as rat and mouse catchers. Later, when the Belgian royal court became interested in the breed, the Griffons moved from from backyards and barns into the salons of the nobles and wealthy citizens. The weight of Griffons 3.0 to 6.0 kg. This Belgian toy breed has three varieties,  which differ in colour and coat.


These toys are lovable, affectionate, uncomplicated apartment dogs who love to run and play. For older people who can go for a walk, they are ideal.

Anyone who has ever had a Griffon is firmly convinced that this breed surpasses any other in their characteristics. Griffons have a mystical way of captivating people and imposing their will. These small dogs are a mix of angel and goblin. They can be really haughty and condescending at times, but also very generous in their devotion and love. But a Griffon never flatters. He goes his own way, but with an inconceivably sweet character.

If you need a dog to sit obediently and quietly in a corner and  on command do "sit" and "down", then a toy Griffon is not for you. Due to the high intelligence which unfortunately they use to full advantage, sometimes situations can arise in which one has to ask ones self, did the dog do that or not? With a Griffon in the house  life will certainly not be boring, no on the contrary. You can only take a griffon close into your heart and the family.

Brussels Griffon:

Has a harsh, shaggy, semi-long and thick coat of fox-red colour.

Belgian Griffon:

Has the same hair texture as the Brussels Griffon but is black, black with tan markings.

Brabant Griffon:

Has a short coat and is red, black, or black and tan.